Concentrates& Cartridges

Here at Green Meadows we partner with Concentrate Supply Company,Craft Concentrates, and TR Concentrates to offer our patients only the purest and highest testing concentrates in Colorado. We are proud to offer the finest wholesale concentrate products as well as our House Concentrates, which are formulated from only the finest Green Meadows Flower. 

Concentrate Supply Co.™ is an industry leader in providing cannabis extractions of the highest quality. Our award-winning line of vape products & concentrates have been the go-to choice for thousands of consumers in Colorado.


Extracted from dry plant material using a variety of distilled solvent blends to capture cannabinoids & terpenes from some of the best cannabis in the state. Cured Resin is processed into a variety of consistencies including shatter, sap, budder, crumble & sugar.


It all starts with state-of-the-art equipment & amazing cannabis. Live Resin is extracted from fresh, frozen plant material using extremely cold solvents to maximize both cannabinoid & terpene content – the true essence of the plant’s profile. These extractions are known for being exceptionally flavorful, with potency to match. 

Our original, award-winning line of extracts widely known for purity, potency and consistency. Black Label concentrates are crafted from in-house breeding projects and years of carefully-selected genetics grown specifically for their elite terpene profiles. Complete control of the plant material from the grow rooms to our state-of-the-art laboratory along with strict third-party testing ensures that connoisseurs and experts alike enjoy the same incredible experience dab after dab.

500mg Carts and 1000mg Syringes available in a variety of flavors! 

Founded by a group of chemists and scientists determined to find cleaner ways to consume cannabis, the Clear™ is the original cannabis concentrate company. Their passion for cannabis inspired separation and purification of the plant material, which led to more purification and ultimately a perfect consumption experience. The Clear™ is not only the first and original distilled cannabis product, but it remains the best and purest cannabis product even today. 

Our winning team has years of experience operating closed loop extraction systems and producing world-class extracts. We use only the most advanced extraction equipment and techniques, ensuring that quality material always shines.

TR Concentrates personally distills our butane onsite to ensure purity for every batch.

Located in Idaho Springs in Clear Creek County, HRVST has recently celebrated its first year in operation and is proud to be considered one of Colorado’s best!  

HRVST Labs’ state of the art extraction process provides the highest quality wholesale concentrates to both Colorado’s medical and recreational markets. With a focus on partnering with some of Colorado’s best gardens, our commitment to quality has ensured our consumers receive a clean, high-terpene extract that can be enjoyed by the most selective connoisseurs. HRVST is available in dispensaries all over the state.

We've dedicated nearly a decade to perfecting the art of extraction. Since 2011, our mission has been to provide access to pure, safe, all natural cannabis oil.

We NEVER cut our oil with Vitamin E Acetate, PG, VG, MCT, or any other fillers. 

As one of the first CO2 extractors and manufacturers in California, our innovative process supported the revolution of the cannabis industry. From our hand selected flower, to our custom, manually operated machinery, to our proprietary terpene blends and cannabinoid profiles - we've curated a unique, refined experience for the cannabis connoisseur.


Our team of hash enthusiasts first started perfecting cannabis extraction back in 2012 and have been pushing the envelope ever since. We are focused on terpene preservation and unique flavor profiles in our concentrates. Our growers and genetic library are the finest in the state and we employ both butane and solventless extraction methods to harvest every last wonderful trichome. Our mission is to provide delicious, beautiful, clean and potent concentrate to folks who love smoking hash as much as we do!