Medical Edibles 

Partnering with culinary experts, and sourcing all of their ingredients from Rainforest Alliance Fair Trade Certified Farms, Blue Kudu is raising the bar for Medical Cannabis Chocolates. 

Dosage Information

500mg Mint: 10 squares

50mg THC a piece. 

200:200 Cookies and Cream:10 squares. 20mg THC and 20mg CBD a piece. 

300mg Toffee & Almonds: 10 squares. 30mg THC a piece

Since 2009 Cheeba Chews™ has maintained one clear and simple mission: to provide an industry leading, consistently potent, and discreet cannabis infused edible solution.

Dosage Information

Chocolate Taffies & Caramels: 1 chew. 100mg

Pure CBD: 1 Chew. 100mg CBD

High CBD: 1 Chew. 50mg CBD 50mg THC

Cheeba Chews also manufacture the decadent and high dosage treat, Dabba Cannabis Infused Mint Chocolate.

Dosage Information

Indica & Sativa 200mg: 10 squares. 20mg THC a piece.

Hybrid 400mg: 10 squares. 40mg a piece.

Wanna Brands has been an innovator in the Colorado Cannabis infused products industry since 2010. One of our top sellers, these gummies are deliciously consistent. 

Dosage Information

200mg Gummies: 10 Gummies. 20mg THC a piece. 

400mg 1:1 Gummies: 10 Gummies. 20mg CBD 20mg THC a piece. 

Colorado’s most trusted and top awarded edible since 2010. These gluten free chocolate bars come in 6 flavors for cannabis-infused gourmet goodness!

Dosage Information

100mg Bars: 10 squares. 10mg THC a piece.

300mg Bars: 10 squares. 30mg a piece.

500mg Bars: 10 squares. 50mg THC a piece.

200mg Bars: 10 squares. 20mg THC a piece.

400mg 1:1 Bar: 10 Squares. 20mg THC 20mg CBD a piece.

1000mg Bars: 10 squares. 100mg a piece. 



Dosage Information

1:10 Tincture: 100mg THC

                        1000mg CBD

10:1 Tincture: 1000mg THC

                        100mg CBD

Dosage Information

300mg Gummies: 30 Gummies. 10mg THC a piece. 

1000mg Gummies: 20 Gummies. 20mg THC a piece.

330mg 1:10 Gummies: 30 Gummies. 1mg THC 10mg CBD a piece.

600mg 1:1 Gummies: 30 Gummies. 10mg CBD 10mg THC a piece.


Dosage Information

500mg Fire, Ice, Fruit: 100 tarts. 5mg THC a piece. 

As of Summer 2018, we are excited to introduce ioVia’s Tinctures to our Medical Patients. A simple and finely polished product, ioVia is a  high dosage and tasteless tincture that is easy to dose under the tongue.

Formulated with effective blends of CBD and THC, ioVia produces a consistent product that delivers the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids without the altering side effects of smoking or edibles. ioVia is more than a product; it is a discreet and invasive addition to your daily Cannabis routine. 

Dosage Information

200mg Hi-CBD: 9.5mg CBD .5mg THC per 1ml dropper. 

200mg THC-CBD: 5mg CBD 5mg THC per 1ml dropper. 

2000mg Hi-CBD: 38mg CBD 2mg THC per 1ml dropper. 

2000mg THC-CBD: 20mg CBD 20mg THC per 1ml dropper. 

Dosage Information

100mg Cannabis Infused Sodas in flavors you know and love!

Pure and Powerful. MarQaha Tinctures are simple to dose under the tongue, or to enjoy in your tea. These multi-award winning organic agave tinQtures are the swiss army knife of medicine!

600mg Tinctures

Dosage Information

600mg THC Tinctures: 10mg THC per 1ml Dropper

600mg CBD Tinctures: 10mg CBD per 1ml Dropper

600mg 1:1 Tinctures: 10mg THC 10mg CBD per 1ml Dropper

100mg FlasQ

Dosage Information

100mg FlasQ: 10mg THC per 2ml

Get some sleep with the blueberry chamomile or a boost with the peach tea!!

We begin simply with the highest quality ingredients. Each piece of Coda Signature chocolate starts with ethically sourced cacao. The cacao beans in each of our chocolates can be traced to specific regions of South America. Each of our chocolate varieties brings its own flavor and character - reflecting individual regions’ climate, traditions and environment. We use whole spices and the freshest ingredients imparting deep and intense flavors that blend perfectly with our cannabis oil.

Dosage Information

Snap and Spice 100:200: 20 Squares. 5mg CBD 10mg THC a piece.

Cream & Crumble 200mg THC:

20 Squares. 10mg THC a piece. 

Coffee & Doughnuts 300mg THC:

20 Squares. 15mg THC a piece. 

Maple & Pecan or Salt & Nibs 500mg THC: 20 Squares. 25mg THC a piece. 

CannaPunch has been made in colorful Colorado since 2009. From the beginning, our mission has been to create the best cannabis-infused edibles on the market.Our punch is 100% all-natural and vegan, as well as being gluten-free, soy-free, and corn syrup free and is made from some of the highest quality Colorado cannabis.        


Dosage Information

200mg THC per Bottle

STRATOS Immediate Release Tablets are fast acting and provide long lasting pain relief from their extended release formula. Through a scientific approach in their manufacturing processes, by employing pharmaceutical industry benchmark standards, these capsules ensure consistent results that allow higher dosages to be absorbed effortlessly into the body.


Dosage Information

100mg Tablets: 10 Tablets. 10mg a piece.

300mg Tablets: 30 Tablets. 10mg a piece.

500mg Tablets: 10 Tablets. 50mg a piece.

CBD Tablets as pictured above.