What is right for me?


Indica plants tend to grow wider and shorter, making them suitable for an indoor grow. These plants produce dense nugs that are supportive to body relaxation, muscle spasms, anxiety, insomnia, nasea, migraines and overall pain.


Looking for a little bit of both worlds? A hybrid strain is a combiation of Indica and Sativa, which will give you that nice bodily high while maintaining a cerebrial head change as well. 


Sativa plants are generally taller and skinnier plants with longer inner nodes. Inducing a general sense of well-being, Sativa buds have been shown to support ptsd, depression, fatigue, and ADD.

Clone Care

Don't drive hours away to get your clones.. we have a large variety here every week for sale. For new growers, here is a short recomendation to get started. Remember, clones are very sensitive to intense light and low humidity when they first root. We do best under a low intesity light for at least 18 hours a day. A T-5(fluroescent light) would be ideal. Some clones require a humidity dome or something to help keep moisture around the leaves. 


You can transplant the clone into a small container to let them get established, or you can put them straight into your desired container. It is more stressful to go straight to a big container however, so keep that in mind. Plant them into a soil that does not have too much nutrients. Happy Frog is a mild soil that is ideal for clones. After they have been established, they can handle richer soil and being watered with a nutrient solution. Follow these guidelines and you should have beautiful plants in no time. Happy Growing!