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What is a Membership 

When you sign up as a member at a dispensary, That dispensary becomes your Primary Care Center. 

What is a Primary Care Center

As a patient you will sign your plant count or a portion of your plant count over to Green meadows in which gives Green Meadows The right to grow more Medical Marijuana for you as a patient.

Why should I sign up?

Green Meadows offers two different prices on everything Including flower. Members will pay the lower prices. While Non-Members will pay Regular Price. 

 Please see Categories down below



Top shelf-

Per-ounce- 220$

per-half ounce- 110$

Per-quarter- 70$

per-eighth- 35$

per-gram- 10$


Per-ounce: 150$

per-half ounce- 75$

per-quarter- 50$

per-eighth- 25$

per-gram- 8$

Bottom shelf-

Per-ounce- 60$

per-half ounce- 35$

per-quarter- 25$

per-eighth- 15$

per-gram- 6$

Top shelf-

Per-ounce- 240$

per-half ounce- 120$

Per-quarter- 80$

per-eighth- 40$

per-gram- 12$


Per-ounce: 170$

per-half ounce- 85$

per-quarter- 60$

per-eighth- 30$

per-gram- 9$

Bottom shelf:

Per-ounce- 70$

per-half ounce- 40$

per-quarter- 30$

per-eighth- 20$

per-gram- 8$

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